jesus it's been like 9 months.

But I've been busy. This was yesterday, great times sitting on top of a mountain for 3 hours waiting for 40 seconds of race...

I also do not understand how to post photos properly, apparently. hey are too small blow... too big above individually. sorry to those of you with slow connections. Mostly for having slow connections.

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ethics... I guess.

Hey, so the LA Times did this article on how kids were shooting video with their mobile phones and posting it on youtube... Stuff like, you get a teacher riled up and then tape their bad behavior. So much that a lot of schools are now blocking youtube at school and very strict cell phone policies.

I went out on youtube today looking for that sort of thing, I work at a local private k-12 school, so I went looking for our kids. Now the ethics.... I'm not a teacher or an administrator. I am the Facilities Supervisor. Head maintenance man, if you will. It's not my job to deal with the kids, really, in any way.

So I found this...

Watch it, tell me what you would do. I am trying not to be hypocritical here...

I'm thinking I'll just sidle up to the kid and tell him I saw his video. He uploaded it a year ago, so perhaps it's old news. It would also be really powerful to bring it to one of the heads and let them handle it. I'm sure shit would go down.

Also, I am so glad in a way that we didn't have the internet when we were in High School.
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So I made an album for nasoalmo but I ended up having to use a couple of older things. But I worked on them, and I think it's not half bad. You can have a listen and download if you want here.

And if you have any friends that you think would like this sort of thing, especially ones that live in LA and play music, please send them this way as well.

I play by myself by default.

BTW, "" won't let me put my songs in the proper order, so IF you download them and IF you want to hear the true vision, they go...
hvac jam     
dont change   
fuckin hornds   
new try  
new beatz   
sunday night      
oct 23rd      

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Letters to Chili's

This survey was really long. I just wanted to talk to you guys about the NACHOS. I mean, come on. Also, the left stall in the ladies' room was out of TP. Also, the whole esthetic with the margaritas in a beer mug isn't working for me. I don't really like drinking a margarita with a straw. But let me get back to the nachos. So... do you have like, a chip-coating airbrusher in the back or something? Is it hard to clean the beef out of the lines? And another thing, why did my NON-MEAT nachos cost the same as Random Guy's Beefy Plus Nachos? THat doesn't speak highly of your beef. I mean, I know that the bulk of the cost was the napkin.